Completed in 2019 this home is featured in the July/Aug 2020 issue Southern Home Magazine.  Not only responding to the surrounding landscape and history of northern Virginia this home is also reflective of the lifestyle of the family that now calls it home.  A close knit creative family they needed places for art, music, a strong connection to the outside, and comfortable places for the family to gather with each other and friends.  The Kitchen, family room and even the dining room are central to the home.  Family dinners are an important part of their family and social network of friends so the dining room takes on a prominence not found in most homes. With the feel of an enclosed side porch it’s relaxed atmosphere encourages lingering meals to catch up on the days events.  The screen porch has even become one of their favorite places for movie nights putting them outside and close to nature.

Feeling like an estate built over time with a long history, the “core” home is built of stone with many of the “original” stone walls now appearing inside, like in the kitchen. The more formal rooms of the front give way to more informal rooms in the rear as is found in many historic homes in the area.

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