Front 75overall 75lake 75Side 2 75 entry 75 Entry int 75 interior 75 interior 2 75 Fireplace det 75 Living 3 75Truss 75Kitchen 75 Loft 75 The first Phase of a larger estate. Sitting on a small overlooking a man made lake this “Barn” is designed as an entertainment space with guest quarters. Inspired by early American stone barns and using reclaimed wood for the interior structure.

Interior Designer: Teresa Davis, Post 31 Interiors

Photography: Emily Menton-Redfield


  1. Irene Faria
    October 8, 2019

    Is it possible to build this barn home with five bedrooms I have been looking into barn homes this is the only one that I found that I love . Could you tell me what the size of this barn is and the style? And what something like that would cost to build just a rough estimate.

    • Brad Norris
      December 5, 2019

      Anything is possible, we are currently working on an addition to add some bedrooms. This project as it currently stands is roughly 3000sqft. Costs vary wildly around the country and a huge amount depends on the finishes and contractor. I am also not willing to discuss cost of projects in order to preserve my clients privacy.


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