Step 1 – Listening

At Norris Architecture the beginning of any project starts with “the process of empathy.” Listening to his clients and establishing a rapport is paramount to the way Brad begins a project. “I am not just about plans,” he states. “I am a service. One of my biggest responsibilities is as a client advocate and resource from design to construction.”

Step 2 – Dreaming

For most people this is the most exciting part. Initial concepts, layouts, and impressions are first put on paper. All of the intangibles, unknowns, and conflicting desires are first made concrete and a step towards reality is taken.

Step 3 – Defining

Once the overall plan is established, Brad will move into the next stage of development outlining the details. “This is where we get into specifics like how much closet space is needed. It is vital to take into consideration present needs as well as planning ahead.”

Step 4 – Document

Once all the initial decisions have been made in regard to the design, the construction documents are carefully prepared and discussions with the builder begin. During this phase the more technical details for construction are developed, along with the structural, lighting, HV AC, and plumbing designs.

Step 5 – Budgets

Cost is a critical component of any design and Brad works closely with the contractor throughout the entire process to determine and track the expenditures of the project. It is his goal to develop options and alternates when necessary to ensure budgets are met and kept.

Step 6 – Advocate

Once construction begins, Brad ensures the plans are executed and good building practices followed. During this critical time, Brad’s role as client advocate makes the construction period a truly enjoyable one.

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