Back with a heart

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I have been absent for a while but here I am getting back into the swing of things. The economy definitely seems to be picking up, such that I have been so busy I have neglected this blog. Everyone I speak with has definitely seen in increase in their work load which is great for all of us. It means buildings are being planned which means construction is on the way back. YAAAAY!

I want to take this restarting opportunity to tell you about a great charity I have become involved with called Sophia’s Heart. It was started by a guy by the name of Danny Gokey in memory of his late wife Sophia. They both had a passion for helping disadvantaged children and family’s. Sophia’s Heart is dedicated to helping homeless families by providing hope. Hope through the arts and the fostering of dreams. As a board member I am thrilled to a part of an organization that recognizes that dreams are the foundation of a truly successful, productive, and fulfilling life. By teaching and fostering dreams in the arts, Sophia’s Heart is encouraging the creative mind that is essential to success. Through education of both parents and children, instilling a work ethic, and job skills we are equipping families with the skills they need to lift themselves out of poverty.

Last year Sophia’s heart was given a large medical facility that we are in the process of converting into temporary residences for homeless family’s. While we put a roof over their heads, and keep them well fed we are equipping them to move forward in life. Through education in choir, music, dance, film, etc. we are helping children and parents find their strengths and their confidence.

So as the economy improves, and your situation improves, remember those that are still hurting. Check out the website and keep in touch for upcoming events and ways that you can help. This is a program unlike any other any where. This is charity for the homeless done the way it should be done.

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